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The UAE has rolled out two Covid-19 vaccination campaigns to beat the pandemic.

The Chinese Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine is available at all medical centers in the UAE, while Dubai’s free vaccination drive sees residents given the Pfizer-BioNTech jab.

What are the benefits of getting a Covid-19 vaccine?

Getting a Covid-19 vaccine can help protect you by creating an antibody response in your body. Getting vaccinated also might help protect people around you from Covid-19, particularly people at increased risk of severe illness from the virus and its complications.

Can I be infected with Covid-19 even after taking the vaccine?

No, you cannot get the infection according to the currently available studies. But keep in mind that for your body to build immunity, you should take two doses with an interval of 21 – 28 days between the first and second doses. Till now, there is no specific duration for immunity post vaccination.

Are there any possible side effects?

The use of the vaccine might cause some common side effects like pain in the injection site, fever, headache, fatigue, muscle pain and lethargy. Generally, the mild symptoms subside without treatment.

What should I do if I experience any side effects?

You can go to the nearest healthcare center or hospital or contact the relevant health authority.

Who must not take the vaccine?

• Those with history of severe allergy

• Pregnant and lactating women.

• Women who plan to get pregnant in the next three months.

• Those with history of severe Covid-19 confirmed infection.

Is the vaccination mandatory or optional?

The vaccination is optional.

From which age can the vaccine be given?

From 18 years and above.

Importance of vaccines in general:

• Vaccines protect children and adults from some infectious diseases and their serious complications.

• They are the best and most successful medical interventions.

Are people who receive the Covid-19 vaccine exempted from home or institutional quarantine?

No, they are not exempted, and they must comply with the instructions and guidelines issued by the authorities concerned.

Are vaccine takers exempted from coronavirus tests?

They are not exempted from doing the test if requested by the authorities concerned.

If I get a vaccine, am I exempted from taking the Covid-19 test before travelling?

No, you are not.

Can I stop taking Covid safety precautions after getting a vaccine?

No, you must continue to adhere to all the recommended precautions such as wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands.

Are there any restrictions after getting the vaccine?

No, there are no restrictions and a person can return to normal life.

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