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Cleft lip and palate are congenital deformities characterized by an opening or split in the upper lip and/or the roof of the mouth These conditions can occur independently or together, leading to varying degrees of facial and ora...

Sarcoma Cancer Health Awareness Month (July 2024)

Sarcoma is a type of cancer originating in the body's connective tissues, including bones, muscles, fat, blood vessels, nerves, and cartilage. Types of Sarcoma Cancer: Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Arises in soft tissues such as muscle...

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Dr. Adham Mansoor

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - University of Aleppo, Aleppo.

Dr. Zuhair Mahmandar

Graduated 1985: Diploma in Child Health, Royal College Of Physicians Of Ireland And Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland. Graduated 2005: Ministry Of Health, Syria, Damascus. Graduated 1980: Zagazig University, Egypt, Zaqaziq City.

Dr. Doaa Al Samrae

MA in Communication; Health Communication from the University of Ottawa in year 2022. BDS from the Al Sharekah University.

Dr. Hasan Ali

Postgraduate qualifications from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow U.K; Masters in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from University of London, UK.